Get Involved

If you just want to know in what areas we are looking for volunteers, please visit “volunteer opportunities” on this website and you will see what types of tasks we will need help with.

Who will be managing/working in the shop and café?

The Normandy Community Shop & Café is run by two managers, supported by a team of volunteers.  We’re already receiving excellent feedback, but to ensure we can meet the increasing demand we need to increase our volunteer team right NOW. 

Would you like to volunteer?

Most of our volunteering slots during opening hours will be 2–3 hour shifts, although there will be some 1-hour shifts; these could be for unpacking deliveries, cleaning windows or sweeping the outside seated area. Please visit “volunteer opportunities” on this website and you will see what types of tasks we will need help with.

We would love our volunteers to sign up for regular shifts; this could be as little as one shift a week, or more would be great!  We will build up a bank of volunteers. Every week we will email those already volunteering and those in our volunteer bank with any shifts that have not yet been filled for the following week. This is how other community shops keep the shifts covered and it works well.

Worried about committing to volunteer?

You can choose when to volunteer so that it fits around your other commitments; it may be that coming in for the early morning paper delivery works for you or perhaps mid-day offering extra help during lunch, or winding down – stocking shelves and tidying up towards the end of the day.  If you find that you can’t make one of your shifts, we can arrange cover for you, although it would be a big help if you could arrange to swap with another volunteer. We will facilitate easy communications between volunteers.

You will not be working on your own, there will always be a manager on duty and most likely one or two of your fellow volunteers.  Full training will be provided for all volunteers, top-up training will be available as and when needed, and simple one pager instructions for all equipment will be easily accessible.

Volunteer roles

As you can imagine, there are a wide range of roles that need to be filled and if you don’t fancy being in a customer-facing role, that’s not a problem.  How about checking incoming stock?  Entering deliveries onto the computer?  Washing aprons?  Removing any out-of-date notices on our information boards?  Anything that our volunteers can do will contribute to the success of the shop and café and make it a great place for Normandy villagers to visit.

Over the past couple of years, many of you have already shown interest in volunteering and are included in our database. Now is the time to share with us how frequently and what you would like to do. You can do this by emailing us or completing our volunteer application form below.