Show your support for the shop and cafe by Pledging to invest

Given the current position with respect to the Coronavirus pandemic, we realise that you may not wish to commit at present, but you are prepared to show your support. What we’re doing at the moment is asking you to indicate what you may be prepared to invest once the share issue is launched (hopefully in Spring 2021). This is just an indication – if your circumstances change, we understand that you may with to reduce or not go ahead with your investment.

We need your support, because it will help us to show to other investors, and particularly grant funders, that we mean business and the community is behind us. In many cases, funders like to commit to ‘match funding’ where they will put in as much as the community puts in. So we need as much as we can raise from the community.

To read more about the Pledge Scheme go to  Pledging, and to go straight to enter your pledge go to the Pledge page.