Thanks for the Photos

Thank you to everyone who responded to our post last week – we have received lots of great photographs and will be keeping you updated on how they will be used. Please do continue to email photographs (people, places, animals, flora and the lovely rainbows supporting the NHS that we have all seen in the village) to us on – don’t forget we can’t use them without your permission or the permission of any persons in the photographs and let us know where the photograph is taken, eg, St Mark’s Church.

Not just in Normandy, but everywhere in the UK life is interesting, challenging, difficult and incredibly unusual at the moment and while we try adapt to a completely new lifestyle, we are sure it has also brought out the ‘I can do that’ attitude where as we might have previously thought ‘I’ll get someone in to do that’. One aim of the Normandy Community Shop & Cafe is to be somewhere that ideas and suggestions can be shared, but at the moment we are almost only able to do this online.

This is your opportunity to share your ideas and suggestion on how you have made lock-down work for you. It could be a case of the good, the bad and the absolutely hilarious, but let us know and include photographs as well if you have any.

Have a great week everyone and catch up with our news next week.